Fine Indian & American Cuisine
Skowhegan, Maine

An Indian & American Cuisine Restaurant
Indoor Dining & Take-Out

At Flavour's of India, we offer Indian, Indian-Style Chinese and American dishes using the finest ingredients in our cuisine. Our Indian dishes includes a selection of vegetables, chicken, lamb, and seafood curry dishes made with ingredients and spices used throughout India, adding an authentic flavor. Our pizzas will use an Indian style curry base, offering new and better tastes than a traditional red sauce. The American dishes will include hamburgers, cold and hot sandwiches and more than ten types of pizza. Open your palate to the flavors of India!

The key to our success is simple: provide quality consistent food that taste great every single time. Eat delicious food. Grab a drink. But most of all, relax!

Closed Between 2:00pm And 4:00pm

Our restaurant is closed between 2:00pm and 4:00pm daily. This allows us time to prepare our evening dishes.